Sunday, July 24, 2016

Biking Belfast

After a few weeks of arriving here in the Northern Ireland, it's time to explore and enjoy the city of Belfast! Transitioning from London to Belfast is not easy and straightforward. But then again, I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines, so I guess I'll find my way around it just fine. :)

Since I have don't have a car, I get to and from Belfast by taking the train and using a bike. I just love taking the public transport, albeit for obvious pros and cons vs driving a car. The train and bus system is not as intricate and well-laid out as compared to London, thus I needed to use a bike here in Belfast more often. But hey, good for the heart and exercise!

Here's a little vlog on biking around Belfast:

Here's one of my fave instagram shots of the day, the fantastic Albert Memorial Clock Tower. 
Move aside, Big Ben. 

Biking around that day was just fine with the breeze, and of course it did rain. Not exactly the perfect excuse for Pokemon hunting, but my pokeballs failed to catch the Big Fish.

Around mid-day, I found this cool mobile barber shop and met Emma. I'd feature her on the blog soon, so watch out for that and her Hairbus!

That's it for now, until the next adventure and to more biking!
(Is #BikeBlogging taken already or what?) :)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blasphemy! Why CDs And Vinyl Records Are Better Than Digital Files

Digital music consumption is the order of the day. Everywhere you look, you see people listening to music through headphones and earphones. Their iPod or smartphone is one of the most important things in their lives, and that is a fact. The music purists among you will die a little inside when you realize the change. Why? You die a little because you know that digital files just don’t cut it when it comes to music. Any music lover should know that CDs and vinyl records are better than music files. And, if you don’t, here are a few reasons to make you reconsider.

They Sound Better

Digital music goes through an enhancement stage where every piece of it is modified to make the ‘perfect’ track. The problem with this procedure is that the music loses a bit of its soul. Sure, it is as clean a piece of music as you will find. But, it is stale and sterile. CDs and vinyl records are different, especially vinyl. When you hear a vinyl record, you suddenly feel the music. You can feel the heart and soul of the record, and it is amazing. Plus, record players give off a sound that is hard to replicate.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring With These 3 Tips!

A lot of men will come to a stage in their life when they have to buy an engagement ring. Although this is a fun time, it can be quite tricky. There are certain things you have to look out for to ensure you buy the perfect ring. If you get things wrong, then it can be catastrophic!
So, to help you out, here are three tips to buying the perfect engagement ring:

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Travelling To Europe

Whether you are relaxing on the beach or seeing the sites in a new city, travelling around Europe is the most fun. Check out my cheat sheet to help you plan your perfect trip away.

Some seasoned travellers prefer to find their accommodation when they arrive at their destination. However for peace of mind, I would recommend that you book it beforehand. There is nothing that puts your mind at ease more, than knowing where you’ll be staying and how much it will cost you. It so easy now to use the internet to find somewhere will the facilities you need at the right price.


Making the Most of a Big Night Out

Big nights out become increasingly rare as you grow older. The pressures of the real world start to bear down on you and eat into your free time. So, when they do come along, you need to make the most of them while you can.

Me, while contemplating on life and beer.

The Best Stag Do Ideas You'll See This Year

So, you’ve been tasked with organising your best mate’s stag do. All of a sudden you’re feeling the heavy weight of responsibility on your shoulders. The biggest thing on your mind is trying to work out exactly what you’re going to do to make that stag do a fantastic event. It’s an all-consuming experience, and you’re worried you’ll mess up.

Not to worry. Here are some ideas that’ll make your pal’s stag do amazing.

Man And Food Combined
We’ve all heard of Man vs. Food. But what about “Man Making Food”? Now it’s possible to have an entire stag party organised around the simple act of cooking. Given that so few of us cook anymore, this sort of event has become something of a novelty. And, by the way, an excellent way to have fun.

Have you ever wished that you could just make a pizza without having to spend half your money on ordering one? Well, why not learn how to do it while having a drink at the same time? Go out, make some food, and make sure you and the rest of the boys have full bellies and smiles on your faces.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Brides & Grooms, Here’s How To Plan A Special Wedding!

The proposal is a great time for guy or girl. Knowing that you are going to be married is very special, and something you should cherish. You can’t cherish it for too long, though, because you have a wedding to plan. Yes, it might seem as if it is miles away, but it is only just around the corner. In truth, there is so much to plan that you need to start as soon as possible. Plus, you want to plan the best wedding ever! Because I am a certified wedding planner now, I thought I’d pass on my tips to any budding brides and grooms. Enjoy.

Look The Part

Obviously, you aren’t going to turn up at your wedding looking like you are just going down the pub for a few drinks. Still, you can’t just look okay either because it is such a special occasion. You need to look perfect, and so does everyone in the wedding party. Start with the guys because they are a lot easier to accommodate for as they only need suits. As long as the colour is nice and they all match, they are good to go. When it comes to the girls, you need to match too. But, you also want something that is comfortable because it is a long day. Your supplier should be able to point you in the right direction.

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