Saturday, May 28, 2016

Amazing Driving Experiences You Should Check Out Now

For many people, there are fewer experiences better than being in control of a vehicle. They love the feel of the wheel, the roll of the tyres, the bumps in the roads, the roars of the engine. They’ll find any excuse to use their car. (Although they may feel guilty about occasionally using the car for a journey that would have taken a few minutes on foot.)

These people can often feel doomed to dissatisfaction, though. Why? Because it’s rare for someone who really loves vehicles to be able to own all the types of vehicles they want to drive. A vehicle lover wants to try out a variety of rides. And they don’t just want to be a passenger. They want to be right there at the controls, controlling all the movements and feeling that strange freedom that comes with it.

Thankfully, there are unique driving experiences all over the country. You don’t have to own a type of vehicle just to try it out for an hour or two! Here are some summer suggestions for you.

Get in a tank

That’s right: you don’t have to stick to conventional road vehicles. Many people might not believe that you can actually spend a day tank driving. But there are loads of fun and disarmed tanks you can drive around in, either along a course or freely in a field.

And yes, I did say disarmed. You won’t be able to go on some video game-esque rampage in one. Sorry!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Important Life Lessons If You Want To Live Confidently

Living with confidence is more than having bravado. It’s about having substance. About being the best you you can be. There are a lot of parts of our life that we have no control over. This article is about those, but it’s also about how we better control those things that we can.

Start preparing for the future
We all have those faint anxieties and thoughts about what our future might entail. None of us know, of course. That’s why the only real way to make a bet at a decent future is by preparing for it ourselves. This means putting our energy where things matter. A lot of us want to be financially secure for the future. That means putting money towards it now. Whether it’s a retirement plan or investments in markets by following things like Dow Jones Futures.

Money isn’t everything
We also need to look beyond money as a key to what we should be building. Money’s helpful and important, but there’s a lot more to life. Particularly when it comes to work. Working in an industry you have real passion for is a lot more rewarding than being stuck in one you tolerate for the sake of money. Make sure you maintain a real work-life balance, not just trying to catch snippets of life outside work.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Turn Back The Clock And Look Younger With This Checklist

It’s not only the ladies who worry about aging. Us fellows get stressed out about it too! And, unfortunately, stressing about it will only make it worse. Thankfully, there are ways you can turn back the clock and look younger than your mature years. In this blog post, I’ll go through a few tips that you can use to help you look young for a long time to come!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dress To Impress: 6 Tips And Tricks

Dressing to impress is something everybody should do. Not necessarily to impress anybody else, but to make yourself feel good! You’ll make a good impression as a bonus, which can help you in a number of ways. You might just make a better impression the first time you meet someone, or come across better in an interview. When you dress to impress, you’ll find that you carry yourself better. It’s all psychological! These 6 tips can help:

1. Only Wear Clothes That Fit You

Make sure that whatever you do, you only ever wear clothes that fit you. If you wear clothes that are too small, you’ll look ridiculous. Many people who go to the gym do this with their t-shirts! If you wear clothes that are too big for you, you’ll look like a little boy, or like your mother dressed you. 

This is such an important tip, especially when it comes to wearing things like suits. Wearing a suit that doesn’t fit you will make you look silly, and perhaps even like you’re attending court rather than a business meeting or interview. Michael Andrews Bespoke can make suits to fit your measurements - only go with places who can do this for you to get the best fitting garments.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Minimal Project 01

My wife and I decided it is time for some spring-cleaning.
But this is not just an ordinary spring-cleaning.
We realised the need to reduce, recycle, and donate some of our belongings.
These included our clothes, shoes, furniture, and few gadgets as well.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Opinion: The Democratic Curse aka Philippine Elections

Democracy and Toxicity.

Are we having a problem with the election? Or are we electing the problem? 

The Philippine Elections is only a week away. In the Philippines, political issues are part of the regular past-time and on May 9 Filipinos will decide who should lead the government. Premature campaigning from the lowest to the highest public office starts as early as one is voted. Their names and faces are plastered all over the local towns and barangays, the national politicians will take and grab their spotlight from media interviews and tv guesting.  (Or if convenient, an actor-politician resolves those issues easily.)

Photos of the old ballot boxes from here.

Yes, the gift of democracy. 

The Filipinos have even invented a word that probably can be used by other countries as well. 


A shortened term for 'traditional politician', which is a wordplay that also means a cleaning rag. A wasted piece of cloth. It is usually derogatory than descriptive. 

News headlines are filled by poll-related events. It has become 'toxic' that even social media is used (and abused) for each candidates' gain. This has resulted to some personal attacks via the social media by various rabid supporters and 'trollers.' 

On the latest Pulse Asia surveys1, the controversial Mayor of Davao Duterte is leading at 33%, despite having controversies with his scandalous remarks and now alleged hidden wealth. There are still some 'undecided' voters and some still willing to shift their support at the last minute. But if basing from the previous 2010 presidential survey results, it will be quite tough to beat the odds. Unless a sudden massive shift of support happens in the next few days, Duterte will be the Republic's 16th President.

Then what happens?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

5 Documentaries You Need To Watch Now

I don't own a tv for nearly a year now, as I recounted on a post here, and I still find the regular t.v. shows uninteresting. If I get a chance to watch, I click on Netflix. Aside from the now meme-worthy 'Netflix and chill', it can also be for other shows such as their documentaries.

For me documentaries are a higher form of escapism. An escape that doesn't necessarily lead you to comfort or happiness. An escape that brings you the realest human emotions such as fear, anger, despair. Realities such as hunger, poverty and death that you can almost taste and smell. It opens your eyes and mind even farther than just seeing a one-sided newscast or your favourite author of fiction.

If you are tired of the reality trash shows, the biased news, and (Insert your favourite t.v. series) is on hiatus, or have already ended, try to catch these following documentaries on Netflix:

My Beautiful Broken Brain

A stroke survivor trying to re-learn everything she knew in her new world filled with strange colours and sound. What do you see in your world? How do you see your world?

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Maira Gall