Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nurse's Notes: Manik Lately.

I have come up literally 'manik' for the past few weeks. I have surpassed the definition of 'overtime' both with my regular and extra time at work.

I have worked 18 days in the last 22 calendar days. EIGHTEEN. 18TEEN. I know that was insane! But I do try to keep rested and take care of my body. I have planned for this 'survivor-series' kind of workload thus I have managed to prepare myself not only physically but also mentally.

This is just by the middle of the shift.

A nurse's magic potion: coffee with coffee toppings with a pinch of coffee.
(With occasional Red Bull on the side.)

I enjoy the challenges and benefits of working extra shifts on areas and hospitals other than my regular workplace. It keeps my skills and knowledge refreshed, and keep my wits and brains sharp and alert. Not only managing complex patient care,  but also enhancing one's interpersonal skills as I am assigned with new team members every single time. You don't necessarily have to like and be friends with a person you've met in the first 5 minutes. Sometimes keeping it professional and working dynamically may be a simple goal but can be very challenging to achieve.

The experience I gain is invaluable and makes me a better nurse. I'd still recall personal experiences from my student years that I still apply almost 10 years later up to this day.

I always keep in mind my university instructor's words during my student years: 'Ask yourself if you are a better nurse today than yesterday.'

So what's the point I'm trying to get at?

I love my job.
I love to work hard and smart.
I am not refusing to say no to extra well-earned moolah.
Rest and sleep is underrated.
A shift is just a letter F away to becoming sh*t.

Ergo, nurses kick a ton of gluteal muscle.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Ape-ic Hangout

Last Sunday, I was invited by the Joe Blogs Network to join my fellow bloggers to hang and monkey around. Sounds pretty easy for me to do, no? But it was ape-solutely an afternoon filled with thrilling tarzan-swings, zip-lining, and tons of tree-top fun and adventure. We completely went bananas!

We gathered at Go Ape in trent Park for the #bgoape event. It was amazing to be in a forest filled with tree-topped obstacle courses in London! The whole course park reminded me of my favourite tv show, The Takeshi's Castle. Good thing there weren't cannon balls shot off as we were threading the highwires and swinging for the safety nets.

A very reassuring reminder.

Our BEST friends that day were a number of metal harnesses and safety lines. I could really say, I'm glad I was overly-attached for a day. Go Ape would say, just 'live life adventurously.' And we surely did! After our safety demos and warmups and signing off our waiver forms(!), we got the tree-party started.

 Somebody else was on a look-out for us if we went OTT
There's the word 'GO' in Vertigo for a reason.

I planned it differently on my head.

Presenting the victors and conquerors (and survivors) of the #bgoape challenge!!!
(Yes, bloggers can be rough and tough too!)

Need to have that groufie!

There's the evidence, woot!
After all the monkey business and tree-hopping, we were treated to a well-deserved feast at the cafe. We were then faced by a familiar monkey with a twist, bgo's Kong: The 8th Wonder slot game. I'm not sure whether the adrenalin rush from hanging and swinging led me to over-spinning! But I did manage to earn some change for some free spins, not too bad eh. 

Here is the gopro version of the #bgoape. 
Warning: Loads of unplanned video selfies!

Major thanks again to the Joe Blogs Network, Go Ape, bgo and of course to the cheeky monkey bloggers for the ape-ic hangout!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Top Rugby World Cup Moment

The madness of the scrums and hand-offs of Rugby World Cup 2015 is now here on England. It only seemed recently that the All Blacks hoisted the trophy as being the eventual winners of the 2011 WC.

Rugby stands out from amongst other sports. Given its intensity, toughness and sheer physicality of its top athletes, the word 'flop' is banned here. Broken bones, cuts, shattered teeth, nasty scrums won't stop these men (and women!) of power, speed and might.

More than just the game itself, my favourite Rugby World Cup moment is the All Blacks' Haka. Haka is their traditional ancestral war cry that they perform before their matches.

Seeing the All Blacks' Haka from tv or from afar send you the chills and shivers, what more for the opposing team and for the All Blacks themselves. Such a fantastic way to truly and proudly represent one's tradition and at the same time, sums up the beauty and toughness of the Rugby World Cup.

The Prince doing it right.

If you want to score and 'try' for yourself, there's a chance to see the All Blacks and other nation teams' games live. The giants Currys and Toshiba are hosting a competition to win a pair of Quarter-final tickets on October 18. Just follow the link here, and go for a good tackle!
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