Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Minimal Project 01

My wife and I decided it is time for some spring-cleaning.
But this is not just an ordinary spring-cleaning.
We realised the need to reduce, recycle, and donate some of our belongings.
These included our clothes, shoes, furniture, and few gadgets as well.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Opinion: The Democratic Curse aka Philippine Elections

Democracy and Toxicity.

Are we having a problem with the election? Or are we electing the problem? 

The Philippine Elections is only a week away. In the Philippines, political issues are part of the regular past-time and on May 9 Filipinos will decide who should lead the government. Premature campaigning from the lowest to the highest public office starts as early as one is voted. Their names and faces are plastered all over the local towns and barangays, the national politicians will take and grab their spotlight from media interviews and tv guesting.  (Or if convenient, an actor-politician resolves those issues easily.)

Photos of the old ballot boxes from here.

Yes, the gift of democracy. 

The Filipinos have even invented a word that probably can be used by other countries as well. 


A shortened term for 'traditional politician', which is a wordplay that also means a cleaning rag. A wasted piece of cloth. It is usually derogatory than descriptive. 

News headlines are filled by poll-related events. It has become 'toxic' that even social media is used (and abused) for each candidates' gain. This has resulted to some personal attacks via the social media by various rabid supporters and 'trollers.' 

On the latest Pulse Asia surveys1, the controversial Mayor of Davao Duterte is leading at 33%, despite having controversies with his scandalous remarks and now alleged hidden wealth. There are still some 'undecided' voters and some still willing to shift their support at the last minute. But if basing from the previous 2010 presidential survey results, it will be quite tough to beat the odds. Unless a sudden massive shift of support happens in the next few days, Duterte will be the Republic's 16th President.

Then what happens?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

5 Documentaries You Need To Watch Now

I don't own a tv for nearly a year now, as I recounted on a post here, and I still find the regular t.v. shows uninteresting. If I get a chance to watch, I click on Netflix. Aside from the now meme-worthy 'Netflix and chill', it can also be for other shows such as their documentaries.

For me documentaries are a higher form of escapism. An escape that doesn't necessarily lead you to comfort or happiness. An escape that brings you the realest human emotions such as fear, anger, despair. Realities such as hunger, poverty and death that you can almost taste and smell. It opens your eyes and mind even farther than just seeing a one-sided newscast or your favourite author of fiction.

If you are tired of the reality trash shows, the biased news, and (Insert your favourite t.v. series) is on hiatus, or have already ended, try to catch these following documentaries on Netflix:

My Beautiful Broken Brain

A stroke survivor trying to re-learn everything she knew in her new world filled with strange colours and sound. What do you see in your world? How do you see your world?

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The World's Most Awesome Casinos!

When it comes to gambling you might feel you only want to visit the very best casinos. So, you need to make sure you do what you can to understand the top casinos in the world. Then you can make a decision about where you want to go. Whether it’s a trip to London, or a US adventure, there are casinos on offer all across the world. Here are three of the most awesome casinos in three of the best cities in the world.

London at her best.
The MGM Grand - Las Vegas
When it comes to world famous casinos, The MGM Grand has got to be top dog. It is one of the most renowned and recognisable of all the gambling establishments in the world. Most people will recognise the name and the building itself. Along with the Bellagio, The MGM Grand makes up the Vegas casino powerhouse. It is situated in one of the largest hotels in the world that caters to its clienteles’ every whim. The casino floor is huge and offers more than a hundred tables, and over two thousand slot machines! The casino has also hosted a lot of world famous sporting events such as the WBC and WBA World Heavyweight Championship.


Friday, April 1, 2016

10 Answers to Success & Life Happiness

Jamie, my teenaged niece who loves Agent Carter, asked me for an interview. I got scared to be honest. She needed it for her essay writing in her English class. The tasks were: to choose a successful person that inspires her, to write essential questions about a person, and lastly 'get more personal.'

I wasn't sure on which definition of success she saw in me, but I was online that time so that's a good start. Sadly I can't reply with full of memes and emojis. This time, I am the blogterviewee.

I must say these were tough questions to ponder upon. I had to reflect on some of the questions as these are some questions I hesitantly answer. But, nonetheless, being the good uncle as I can be, here's my 10 answers to her questions about success, life and happiness.

This is NOT Jamie.

Q: What accomplishments did you achieve that made an impact in your life? Why do you think these made an impact in your life?

I consider finishing my education as a major accomplishment in my life. I graduated from university ten years ago in 2006, and if not for that major event, my current status may have been all altered and different. It helped me to go through life after school in terms of decisions and priorities in life. Not only the lessons taught inside the four walls of the class room, but also including the formative years of my school life that guided me in my life. 

Whether it be in my current profession, family, spiritual or daily living, the values and priceless experiences during those years are still impacting my life.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

How To Be Stylish: A Guide For Modern Men

Take a look at some of the world’s most stylish men and it’s easy to see what they all have in common. Even with a variety of heights, looks, and styles, they all have confidence. That self-assured swagger and poise suits them whether they are formal and clean cut or laid back rock and roll. 

For as easy as they make it look though, it can be hard to recreate in real life. Most of us have insecurities and body hang-ups just like everyone else. What we wear each day may be more likely determined by what’s clean and easy to reach than what truly suits us. But getting a handle on our personal style can actually have a big impact. 

It can make us feel more professional and in control. It can help us feel more comfortable in social situations. It can also be a valuable way to express ourselves and our personality. Remember it should also be fun! If you’re hoping to become more stylish, follow these easy to apply tips.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Was Batman v Superman given Justice?

There are many canons in comic books:

Good fights bad. 
Batman is a rich vigilante trying to be a superhero.
Superman is a super alien that tries to be human. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

The challenge in any movie story-telling is to do it clearly, but at the same time throughout the process keeping the audience glued and guessing. You have the characters, plot, location and probably the conclusion presented right at the beginning.

The major problem with this film starts with the title itself. Two of the greatest (and also oldest) comic book superheroes on-screen for the first time. FIRST TIME. Think about that for a while. Everybody knows their backstory: Batman, the multi-billionaire with sick gadgets and the world's greatest detective; Superman, the alien who just can do everything, super.

Man vs god-like Alien. Mano y mano.

'Who's going to win?!' isn't the right and sensible question. 

It should be 'How  and why is BATMAN going to fight? How long is he going to survive the beating?'
© Manik Makina
Maira Gall